OCIYU Reacts to Senate Health Committee Vote On Health for All Act (SB4)

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April 16, 2015


Contact: Hairo Cortes, OCIYU, 714.737.1069, hairo@ociyu.org


In reaction to the Senate Health Committee moving the Health for All Act (SB4) forward on a 7-0 vote, Jessica Bravo, OCIYU member, issued the following statement on behalf of OCIYU:


“The Senate Health Committee took an important step to improve California’s public health and continue defining our state as a leader in immigrant rights. Health for All is the next major smart and morally right step for California. As SB 4 advances we fully expect members of the Appropriations Committee to build on this momentum and keep us on track to ensuring that not one more undocumented person suffers needlessly because they can’t afford to see a doctor.”