Breaking: Immigrant and LGBTQ Rights Leaders in Santa Ana Demand Answers, Action from Councilman Jose Solorio on ICE Contract

For Immediate Release
January 24, 2017

Contact:  Hairo Cortes, , 657-272-3475
Ruben A Barreto, , 714-421-5973

With word spreading across town that ICE is getting ready to cancel its immigrant detention contract with the City, Councilman Solorio has a clear choice: facilitate its phase out or defend the prison for profit business model

Santa Ana, CA – Immigrant and LGBTQ rights organizers have congregated at the Santa Ana City Hall to demand a meeting with and answers from Councilman Jose Solorio, following reports of moves on his part to rally support for the city’s ICE Contract and preservation of the city jail, including from the city’s employees union SEIU 721.

Following votes by the Santa Ana City Council to reduce the maximum number of beds used for immigrant detention purposes in the jail, as well as to become a Sanctuary City by adopting stronger protections for its immigrant residents, immigrant and LGBTQ rights leaders have begun hearing word that ICE is getting ready to phase out its immigrant detention contract with the city.

Over the weekend Orange County Immigrant Youth United (OCIYU) received information about a meeting between Councilman Solorio and leaders of SEIU 721 as well as other stakeholders in the city, from one of the meeting’s participants, during which Solorio warned of impending action by ICE to cancel its immigrant detention contract with the city, urged for a stronger defense of the city jail on the part of those present, and requested letters of support for the jail by Wednesday January 25th.

“Councilman Solorio’s actions raise a litany of questions. We have made it clear time and again that as long as the city continues to profit from immigrant detention it cannot consider itself a true Sanctuary for immigrants. Rather than spend energy and city resources on maintaining defending an inhumane prison for profit business model when the community is not looking, the Councilman should use his political influence to ensure that the ICE contract is phased, and that the city becomes a tireless advocate for the release of those currently detained within its jail,” said Roberto Carlos Herrera.


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