OCIYU Responds to End of Government Shutdown Without Immigration Relief

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January 10, 2017

Contact: Jose Servin, jservin@www.ociyu.org, 714.728.2520
Orange County, CA – Despite numerous actions by thousands of undocumented activists across the country, Democrats have given in to Republican strong-arming by ending the government shutdown.

The spending bill was the only leverage the immigrant community had in passing a clean Dream Act; one that did not further criminalize the undocumented community that exists outside of the scope of DACA nor provided unnecessary funding (which could better be used for education or community programs) for a wall emblematic of xenophobia.

By giving in to the likes of anti-immigrant nationalists like Stephen Miller and John Kelly, Democrats have demonstrated once again that the only thing separating them from Republicans is their rhetoric, not their voting record.

Legislative leaders have been bargaining with the livelihood of immigrants for over 16 years now, since the first iteration of the Dream Act was introduced. The immigrant community has had enough. The extended February 8 deadline decided on by legislators is based on trust placed on Republicans that some sort of immigrant reform will occur. Undocumented activists will continue to take action until both parties in power understand that we will not stop nor will we settle for less.



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